Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Warning: WTS Travel

Last weekend, i took a trip to KL by coach to visit mummy. The journey was a total piece of crap, firstly it failed to reach KL on time, instead it was 2 hr late as compared to what was promised. Secondly, the coach was filled with juvenile cockroaches which were crawling on the window and floor. Thirdly, having someone snoring away loudly beside you is the last thing i ever hoped for. Ppl, do not take WTS coaches, it truly lives up to its name "What the s...".

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Home Alone with Abril Ep03

This morning i woke up feeling very tired, had to drag myself up as i knew that i will not have the luxury of doing my stuff if Abril had to wake me up instead. Well all things went well yesterday, Abril slept at 10 plus after finishing 6 oz of milk and i washed the clothes and packed my stuffs.

At around 5, i was woken by some familiar voice as i opened my eyes to find Abril playing with her big turtle soft toy. So i carried her out and make her some milk, she managed to finish the milk and dozed off soon after that.

Well, at the end of 3rd day i can still managed to walk properly and think logically without having to rely on Abril's roller chair as recomd by the Chuas'. Thanks to all the sms and msg, at least i know that you all still loved me of coz as a friend except for Mr. Chua with undoubtly is in a special relationship with me, Murck Murck! So folks, end of warm up, let get ready for Taiwan Epi.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Home Alone with Abril Ep02

I know that this is just a short drama with 3 Epi, and all the aunties out there have been active following it. So let find out what happened for day 2.

Day 2
Well, it turned out that Day 2 isn't as happening as Day 1 as i finished washing the bottle at around 11.30 and that can only indicated that Abril slept before that timing. I knocked off on the dot and was at home around 6.30 and i settled whatever chores there are for me before taking a shower and headed over to pick up Abril.

By 9, we had reached home and Abril started her daily routines again i.e. watching TV. However, there was a moment when she stared at our photo on the wall and started pointing and cried, i quickly diverted her attention to some other things knewing very well that she would start to think of mummy. Wow, that was a close shave if not, i would have been in hot soup with a crying baby.

Around 9.30, i washed up Abril and changed her into sleeping attire and she indicated that she is hungry and i give her milk except that this time i make a 8 oz milk instead of a 7 oz. Guess what she finished all of it and she continued to play with her toys until 10.15 before she sleep. At around 10.45, the phone rangs and it was mummy well just do routines check on us and tell me how "enjoyable" the life over at KL is: "Chey, show off".

Thorughout the night, Abril did woke up 1 time for about 5 mins and thats all. Well, i can concluded that Day 2 is quite a pleasant one.

Stand tune for Day 3.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Home Alone with Abril Ep1

First Day

Spent the whole day at DBS Shenton meeting with my customer and managed to get home around 5, so i took Abril for a walk near the compound while my grandmum prepare dinner. She was fascinated by the pigeons which were looking for food in the nearby field. Then at 6, i rushed off for some evening work assignment which ended around 10.

I managed to fetch little Abril back home around 10.30, the first thing when she got into the house is to go and look for the remote control and asked me to switch on the TV for her so that she can view her favourite SK II advertisement. Did a wash up for her and changed to our favoruite Mummy Poko Diaper and she continued to wash TV and played with her toys. Meanwhile, i unpacked her stuffs as well as preparation for the next day.

Then, i gave her milk and she stayed up for a while before she wanted to sleep. Finally she fell asleep at 12.15 am and it was when i also collapsed on the sofa. The next moment i opened my eyes was 2.30 and i go and washed her bottles and clothes before i transfered her into the room. Abril had been kind enough to me as she slept thorough until 8 plus.

Hope that tonight will be smooth sailing too........

Monday, June 14, 2010

Home Alone with Abril

It is always good news for men when their wives are not around at home for a while, it is like being release from prison after serving decades in that cell. Well, my wife is going on a company training trip on Tuesday and she will be away for a week and you might be thinking "Shiok, right", well it is not "Shiok" at all, for my case i am home alone with little Abril and that means i might find myself partying with her in the earliest hour of a brand new day.

I am totally not looking forward to it seriously cause i know that it is going to be a tough journey, oh now i am starting to miss my wife. And people, if you are free and happened to see me on MSN, please do drop me a message to check on my status. If i never reply you, it means that i have met my d...

HELP! MUMMY...................

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Adi Pure

Finally got my hands on a pair of Grade 1 AdiPure soccer boots and the catalyst for this is my carelessness of not taking my old soccer boots after a sunday morning soccer game.

The stupid me left my old pair of boots behind after a game this morning and when i realised and tried to retrieve them back, the gate was already shut. Though i was lucky enough to retrieve them back later in the afternoon, but i just gave myself an excuse to get a new pair since i wanted them so badly since last year when it launched.

We went down to Queenway during 4 plus and started hunting for a pair of suitable boots but the version i liked which is a grade 2 does not have my size even though i asked a few shops and in the end i had to settle with a pair of grade 1. Well, just treat it as a birthday present from me to myself......

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Relive the days with Mobile Boardband

Finally got my hands on a Singtel Mobile Boardband again, now i can msn and blog during my "free" worktime. But please don't get it wrong, people as work is always of ulmost priority on my daily list...........